The YSMU COBRAIN center hosted partners from the Tübingen University.

August 26th, 2022

YSMU COBRAIN hosted Matthias Schwab, Professor of the Clinical Pharmacology Department at the University of Tübingen, Germany, and Lusine Danielian, Head of the Cellular/Molecular Pharmacology Laboratory.

During their visit, meetings and lectures were held with YSUM Rector Armen Muradyan, department representatives, COBRAIN researchers, the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office team, as well as administrative and science department staff to discuss clinical research, laboratory methods, and their implementation mechanisms.

Professor Matthias Schwab delivered a scientific lecture on pharmacogenetics, an interdisciplinary scientific branch aimed at developing personalized medicine. In the next meeting, he discussed the importance of clinical trials for medical institutions and shared the exemplary experience of his institution, answering participants’ questions in detail.

The meetings with Professor Schwab aimed to provide YSUM students and young scientists with career guidance and inspiration, hoping to pave the way for future successful professionals in Armenia.

The visit concluded with new arrangements made for further collaboration.