The YSMU COBRAIN center had the distinguished honor of hosting the only Nobel laureate of Armenian descent.

June 14th, 2022

During his visit, the renowned scientist, Ardem Pataputyan, made a significant contribution to the Center for Basic Brain Research by planting the seeds of a plant known as Arabidopsis thaliana. This humble act would eventually lead to groundbreaking research on the molecular basis of touch sensation.

After touring the facility, Pataputyan was officially welcomed as a member of the COBRAIN Advisory Board. But his contributions didn’t end there.

His scientific group proved that Arabidopsis thaliana possesses Piezo 1 receptors, which are typically found in animal species. These receptors are located in the root cells of the plant and are responsible for sensing the mechanical pressure of the soil, converting it into an ionic impulse that directs root growth.

The discovery that Piezo 1 receptors are present in plants further highlights their significance in both plant and animal life. It’s remarkable that these receptors have been preserved throughout evolution, proving their essential role in the development of various species.

The COBRAIN team is eager to share the first sprouts of the plant, showcasing the progress and promise of their research efforts.