Dandy Neurosurgical Club first meeting.

April 1st, 2022

The doors of the YSMU COBRAIN Scientific-Educational Centre for Fundamental Brain Research opened to a bunch of curious students who were there to discover the very first chapter of Dandy Journal Club in our university.

The event was graced Dr. Konstantin Yenkoyan’s energetic and powerful speech highlighting the crossroads between clinical medicine, research and surgery as the Scientific Advisor to Dandy Armenia and Vice Rector for Science. He mentioned that the Dandy Neurosurgical Society is fulfilling an important role in introducing knowledge of neurosurgery to the students and he urged the students to develop the academic curiosity to become a researcher in the future and bring laurels to our university. He mentioned the importance of strengthening the basics of neuroscience to be able to target important research questions in the future. In Dr. Yenkoyan’s words it was very significant that the first event held at the COBRAIN Centre be dedicated precisely to the neurosurgical field.

This was followed by a motivational speech by Dr. Fanarjyan, Head of Department of Neurosurgery at YSMU Heratsi Hospital. He emphasized on the importance of existence of Dandy club in Armenia and particularly in YSMU and showed immense pleasure to be in touch with his teaching side again. Dr Fanarjyan was extremely thrilled to see the opening of Dandy Neurosurgical Society in Armenia and he recounted the history of this prestigious society. He seemed proud of the students who were present to contribute to the learning process and he offered his expertise if the students stumbled upon any doubts.

Members of Dandy club had the opportunity to expand their knowledge in two very significant topics in Neurosurgery ‘Spinal Disc Herniation’ and ‘Parkinsons Disease’. which was presented by 1st year Neurosurgical Resident Anushka Zaqaryan and 2nd year Medical student Ellen Davtyan respectively. Both topics were extremely informative, graphic and perfectly explained by the team followed by a short quiz competition at the end.

The Academic Coordinator of Dandy Armenia, Dr Mariam Movsisyan encouraged the students to always look for the path less taken and not be fearful of challenges that come in the path of research. Ice breakers were organized and members discussed about the favorite parts of the brain with a memory game.

The event was wrapped up with a discussion of the future events of the club.