The COBRAIN project consortium meeting was held at Lund University in Sweden

The COBRAIN project consortium meeting was held at Lund University in Sweden, which was attended by the coordinator of the project, the vice-rector for science of YSMU, Professor Konstantin Yenkoyan, the partners of the project Lusine Danielyan, the head of the cellular/molecular pharmacology laboratory of the Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen, the head of the human genetics department of the Ruhr University of Bochum, Hoa Hu Nguyen, Denis Kirik Professor at Lund University’s Center for Neuroregenerative and Optical Research.

The meeting was joined online from Yerevan by our colleagues: Lilit Martirosyan, responsible for administrative support of the project, Mariam Movsisyan, responsible for the Office of Knowledge and Technology Transfer, and young researcher Katarine Fereshetyan.

“We spent two full days in Lund, we discussed the tasks of the project, we were able to summarize the completed works, we highlighted the gaps, as a result of which the tasks of the coming months were clearly outlined, among which the new research programs occupy a special place. Together we were able to clarify the existing challenges, we discussed what work our partner universities should do so that the training of YSMU young researchers is more targeted.

It was in Lund that we got informed that after months of hard work, the European Commission approved the application for an eight-month extension of the COBRAIN project. This is exceptional for similar programs, and we believe that it is due to the great interest of the European Commission in the program,” says Professor Yenkoyan.

On the spot, Professor Yenkoyan also got acquainted with the work of young researchers of the YSMU COBRAIN project, Elen Sahakyan and Arpine Khamperyan. They have already been familiarizing themselves with the one of the leading laboratories of the European universities for a month, gaining important research skills.